God is evident

"....that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them...." Romans 1:19 NASB®

Bible Studies

Currently 2 Bible studies are available:

God loves you and me - is a topical Bible study developed by my wife for women. Seven lessons are currently available and the last lesson will be posted sometime within the next few months. Each lesson includes a written part and an accompanying mp3 audio devotion.

The book of Daniel - Are you interested in apocalyptic literature? Are you worried about the end of time? Would you like to understand Bible prophecy concerning the end of the world (including the prophecies in the book of Revelation)? Would you like to study Bible prophecy that predicted exactly when the Jewish Messiah (Christ) would appear the first time? Would you like to be inspired by a man of faith? Would you like to know that God is in control, even though you are going through suffering or persecution for your faith? These are all reasons to study the book of Daniel in the Bible! Furthermore, the book of Daniel should be studied before you even consider studying the book of Revelation. Approximately 14 lessons are planned in this study. Lessons are being posted as they become available.

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